Yesterday I got a call from the casting director of Allt för Sverige, Sofia Eng. She said that the casting for season five had started, and she was getting in touch with news outlets in our area to publicize the casting. It turned out that KOMO newsradio, one of the biggest talk radio stations in Seattle, was very interested in the story and in interviewing me that very day, since I’m in the final four of the current season.

KOMO called me an hour later to do a live interview on the air. They replayed it again during the evening commute (their peak listening hours) so a lot of people ended up hearing it. I’ve had several people today ask, “Was that you I heard on the radio yesterday?” Some of them didn’t know I’d done the show at all so they were very surprised to hear me on the radio talking about a Swedish reality TV show!

Click below to listen to a clip from the show!


They had to cut away before I could tell the listeners how to watch the show and apply for the next season, so…

For any KOMO listeners who find this page, you can watch episodes of the current season on Youtube and apply for season 5 at!

You can also visit the show’s Facebook page or my own Facebook page to learn a whole lot more.