Voice Studio

Voice Lessons

Due to limited availability new students are currently accepted by audition only.  Contact me to schedule an audition!

Gig Harbor singers – are you preparing for auditions, solo & ensemble contest, or college applications?  Or maybe you just want to discover or improve your singing voice?

I teach students aged 12 and up, from first-time singers to experienced performers.  My students enjoy a variety of musical styles, but most are interested in performing musical theatre or classical music.

I believe that singers need to be well-rounded musicians –  so in addition to vocal technique, lessons include sight-singing, ear training, music theory, and character study. Singing isn’t about just standing on stage while people listen to you, but using your body as a musical instrument, communicating with your audience, and playing well with others!

From a student:

“Katie instilled in me the confidence to succeed and enjoy music again. She continues to inspire me to push myself in breath control and unfamiliar types of music. Going to vocal lessons with Katie is the best part of my week, and I look forward to it because Katie helps me feel at ease and makes learning a new language for a song or perfecting a piece fun. One of the things I most respect and love about Katie is her selflessness and willingness to give up her time to help others. Even with my demanding and irregular schedule, Katie gave up her free time so we could still meet and practice.”

From a parent:

“Katie made my daughter feel immediately comfortable and gave her the confidence to achieve. She establishes a connection with her students and is invested in their success. Katie’s first-hand experience in vocal competitions and professional theater productions made all the difference to my daughter. Katie’s personal stories of perseverance set an example for all of us. She’s a petite vocal powerhouse and she empowers her students to accomplish their goals with her inspirational style and superb instructional technique. We are very privileged to have met her and have her as a vocal coach. ”

From another student:

“Katie is a superb Music Teacher… I have grown so much thanks to having lessons with her this year. I also can say that I have grown excessively as well both as a vocalist and understanding toward music. When I first started with her, I was a bit naive toward vocal music and how it worked, and it wasn’t until I began to work with her more did I start to understand what everything meant.

One thing I really liked about her was that she believed in me. As a student, when an instructor has the confidence in you to achieve anything you put your heart to, that means the world to you…. She was very supporting yet realistic in the sense that it would take hard work to achieve the tasks I wished to pursue.

I could not thank her enough for being there for me this year and always having the faith that I can do whatever I put my heart and mind to.”

Weekly lessons (prepaid monthly):

$25 for 30 minutes or $50 for 60 minutes

Single lessons for audition & other prep:

$60 for 60 minutes