I lost/forgot my login info and wasn’t able to update this blog for nearly a year, but I never got up the guts to start writing and send the link to anybody, so no big loss there when you have a readership of 0.  I finally gave myself a talking to, sat down and tracked down the info and I’m thinking it’s time to do this thing right.  No more hiding – I want to be authentic and honest, and put my thoughts out there, come what may.

I’ve got a lot of other interests besides singing that I want to write about.  Creative pursuits, adventures, and things I’ve learned or am in the process of learning.  So while this blog will remain at “thumbelinamusic.com,” I’m going to be talking about a lot more than just music.  Maybe “Thumbelina Creative” would be more apt.  Anyway, I’ll try to organize my posts so that visitors who are interested in one topic (say, opera) will be able to find it without scrolling through a million posts about knitting or my dog.  Because if my facebook page is any indication, there’s going to be a lot of that.

It takes a lot of courage for me to share my art and my thoughts.  I may be an extrovert in my day-to-day interactions with other people, but when it comes to things I create and the things that are truly important to me, I’m really quite a shy person.  But I’ve come to understand that it’s in the sharing that art, as life, is at its best.  I just ask that visitors please be kind.  It takes a lot of guts for me to do this.